It means good evening in Hungarian.
It's a little past ten p.m. What time is it in your hometown,

I went to another museum in the Castle District. I could easily visit them because they're concentrated. I learnt much about Budapest's history and art.

The picture is of the castle and Gellert hotel. Don't you think they're beautifully lit up? It seems many buildings are lit up. I'm going to walk around the town tomorrow night.

In Hungary, boiled cuisine is popular. I ate paprika chicken,
which has well-boiled chicken in it, tonight. It's one of the main dishes in Hungary.


 Copyright (c)Hungarian national tourist office



Jo napot kivanok ,

It means good afternoon in Hungarian. Lukacs spa is also relaxing and enjoyable, HsinJu.

The Danube River flows in the middle of Budapest. The western side of the river is the Buda area, and the eastern side of the river is the Pest area. In 1873, those towns and other town were combined to make Budapest.

The picture is of the Diet Building and the 2,000-ton Chain Bridge (Szechenyi-lanchid) which was  completed in 1849.


 Copyright (c)Hungarian national tourist office

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