I've moved to Bukhara!

Bukhara isn't as gorgeous as Samarkand, but the ruins of the Silk Road era keep the atmosphere of those days.

First, I went to Kalyan Minaret which is a symbol of Bukhara.
首先,我去看了布哈拉的代表景點 Kalyan Minaret。(好像是某個回教用的叫拜樓)

It's about 50 meters (160 ft) high.

This minaret used to be a landmark for a caravan. Besides, it was used for execution.

Prisoners were pushed down from the top of the minaret. It's scary...ooooh....


 Copyright (c)Yousuke Nakajima

I hired a guide.
Someone said to me, "Why don't you hire a guide?" when I was walking on the street where traditional buildings are standing.
First, he suggested a little expensive price. I bargained. He accepted my price. He must be a good person. :)
His name is Karimov.

Talk to you soon!


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